Quick Fixes for Common Hair Issues

Life happens and we don’t always have time to fuss with our hair as much as we’d like. To most of us, looking good and feeling good is important and all of us have some kind of issue with our hair. Whether it is limp, dull, frizzy, or just a little lack luster from time to time, I have some simple solutions for the girl/guy on the go.

Problem – You’ve woken up late and your hair is looking a little flat, but you don’t have time to start styling it from scratch. SolutionBig and Sexy Hair Spray. This will give texture and volume to the limpest of hair. Use this hairspray for hold or for texture by manipulating the hair with your fingers while applying. The awesome thing about this product is that it actually has “memory,” meaning you can brush it out and rework the hair to your desired shape simply by applying a little more. Big hair, great texture and flexible hold. What more could you ask for?

Problem – You’ve recently had a chemical service on your hair and it is just looking a little dry and dull. Washing it too much doesn’t do much but dry it out more, over-conditioning leaves it oily and leaving it alone drives you crazy. SolutionMoroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray. Apply to dry, dull hair to bring out the shine and shimmer. It is infused with argan oil and UV filters to protect from further damage do to the elements. This light weight shine is easy to use and long lasting.

Problem – Curly hair that is frizzy due to weather or just natural texture. Solution – Deva Curl. When applying this to dry hair it acts as an anti-humectant. It will smooth out any frizz and leave pliable, shiny curls.

Whatever your specific hair issues, there is almost certainly a solution out there. For more helpful tips, come on in and see one of our stylists here at Hairchitecture!